Zygoma Implants

July 11, 2016

Zygoma Implants can be done by a oral maxillo facial surgeon with good experience.In Our Clinic Dr.Vivek Pandian doing zygoma implants.He got award in Best Zygomatic   Implantologist in South India. Zygoma  Implants can be done to the patient who has more atrophic maxilla or more bone loss in maxilla. It is the procedure to place the implants without bone graft or sinus lift. In India Hardly 5 to 6 Hospital is doing zygomatic implants, Out of which we are the one doing Zygomatic Implants in Chennai,India. Zygoma Implants can be done in under general anesthesia ( GA). In Our Hospital we have a facility with Inhouse Anesthest with excellent care and love.